Afraid of being hurt?
Easy actions to take
Afraid of hurting others?
Easy actions to take

NZ Violence Prevention Association
Violence FAQ

NZ Violence Prevention Association is an organisation committed to all people living free from fear of hurt or control by others. That means in your home, workplace, streets, clubs and schools.

Who suffers from violence?

Anyone can suffer abuse, control they didn't agree to, disrespect or manipulation:

Who perpertrates violence?

Abusive acts can be done by:

No-one can afford to think themselves above hurting others. We all need to manage and notice our behaviour.

All people are capable of hurting or taking advantage of others. Abuse and violence is really about people taking and using the power that they have to gain control of others.

NZVPA believes that we all can always choose options that don't hurt others and that it is our responsibility to choose well and to call attention to others when they hurt or use others.

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Little Volcanoes: Helping Young Children and Their Parents to Deal with Anger

book by Warwick Pudney and Éliane Whitehouse.

cover of Little Volcanoes: Helping Young Children and Their Parents to Deal with Anger

Young children can erupt like little volcanoes when they are feeling angry. It can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with, and can produce angry feelings in the parent or caregiver too.

This book is packed with advice and strategies for those working with children under five on how to understand and manage anger in children, and also how to help their parents or caregivers to deal with anger. The authors outline the different reasons children may feel angry so that their emotions can be fully understood, and offer strategies to combat negative feelings and minimize outbursts. These include putting in place behavioural boundaries and helping a child to feel secure. Simple activities and exercises are also given to help children and adults to express their anger positively. In addition, a selection of poems and stories will help adults to pass on the lessons of the book to children.

This practical and accessible book will be of essential use to any professional helper of parents and young children such as early childhood educators, caregivers and social workers, as well as to parents themselves.

You can purchase Little Volcanoes: Helping Young Children and Their Parents to Deal with Anger direct from the publisher.

For more information, here is an interview with author Warwick Pudney.