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NZ Violence Prevention Association
Services to the public

The following organisations are service providers who are members of NZVPA.

They adhere to high standards of practice in their work and are all registered with the Family Court to deliver programmes. You may have to pay to attend them and most work a sliding scale to assist those who can't afford a lot. If you have been sent by the Family Court then your course may be paid for.

There are other programmes who work outside of our organisation but we think it important that you have a choice about your services.

Man Alive

Man Alive Logo

Awakening the unique spirit of men to build communities that work for everyone

Man Alive is committed to positive male lifestyles. Violence and abuse don't make anyone happy including the person doing it so working with family violence brings benefits for the whole family. Working from inside men's skins with male professionals we have powerful and effective ways of facilitating change for good.

Man Alive offers the following services:

Living Without Violence and Te Ara Taumata Ora programmes

A unique approach to non-violence courses. Our programmes will not blame, shame or judge men, however they will be encouraged to take responsibility for their violence and understand there is no excuse for abuse. Groups run in West Auckland and Glen Innes

Individual Counselling

All men have times when they 'hit the wall' ... we're here to help them move through it. Counselling for men by men and family and couple counselling.

Youth programmes

Boys Alive, an action packed group programme and one-on-one counselling. Helping youth understand and develop personal responsibility.

Men's Change and Support Group

An open, easy-going group of ordinary guys who have had crisis and change in the past, helping men who are going through hard times now.

Dads Alive

How do I protect my kids from this scary world? How do I teach them respect? For ordinary guys who just want to be a better Dad.

Men in Relationships

A group for men who want to improve their partner relationship. The course covers communication, stress, anger management, and how to generate a positive relationship.

Contact 09 835 0509 reception for assistance or visit

Manline - Manawatu Alternatives to Violence Inc.

Manline Logo

Manline is the service arm of Manawatu Alternatives to Violence, which is an incorporated society.

Stopping Violence Individual Sessions

Individual sessions offer men a place to learn the skills offered in a group situation plus the opportunity to deal therapeutically with historical / childhood issues in order to live free from violence, abuse and control. Please check out stopping violence groups for full information on topics covered.

What is a Stopping Violence / Anger Management programme?

It is a programme designed to help men identify both anger and violence and understand the difference between them. It is for men who find it hard to feel angry without becoming violent. It is for men who have trouble recognizing and expressing their anger. It is for any man who wants to give up "power and control tactics" and establish healthy relationships with other men, women and children in his life

Therapy Support Groups

Currently we have one group operating every week. It runs from 7pm till 10pm in the evening and has a maximum of twelve men in the group. This group offers a place for men to explore issues in their lives in a safe supportive environment.

Individual Counselling/Therapy

Individual work may benefit men who are feeling unable to cope with things in their life. If we can't help we will be able to put you in touch with someone who can.

Manline Telephone Service:

The telephone service is available 5 days a week for counselling, support & information during normal office hours. The phones are answered by male staff members who are trained to help men find their own solutions to their problems.

Room 201
Square Edge Building
Church Street
Palmerston North
Mailing Address:
P O Box 7053
Palmerston North
(06) 358 1211
(06) 353 7577

Inner City group for men

The Inner City Group for Men has been running for 20 years delivering a tried and tested programme for men who wish to manage anger and stop hurting those around them. The course is a 12 week programme for men who:

On the programme you will meet others who have struggled with similar issues and are now relating respectfully and successfully. Choose to come and join in and learn how to better relate to your family and co-workers.

John Binsted
09 307 5804
Rooms located at:
St David's Church Hall
68 Kyber Pass
Postal address:
PO Box 8294
Symonds St

Northland Men's Group

Northland men's group has been delivering services for 15 years in its commitment to help Northland families live peacefully. It has adapted its way of working to include a bicultural kaupapa.

We are proud of our ability to really get inside the reality of our clients culturally and as men and also proud of the results over the years.

Facilitators are:

The programme, adapted to suit Northland men, includes a bush camp weekend for unfolding and challenging men's stories.

The programme covers issues of violence, mana tane and mana wahine, addictions, whakawhanaungatanga, communication skills, and the effects of disrespect on all member of whanau.

Maori language welcome.

Daniel Millar
09 407 8558 or 09 405 2351
Courses located at:
Postal address:
15 Darwin Rd

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Little Volcanoes: Helping Young Children and Their Parents to Deal with Anger

book by Warwick Pudney and Éliane Whitehouse.

cover of Little Volcanoes: Helping Young Children and Their Parents to Deal with Anger

Young children can erupt like little volcanoes when they are feeling angry. It can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with, and can produce angry feelings in the parent or caregiver too.

This book is packed with advice and strategies for those working with children under five on how to understand and manage anger in children, and also how to help their parents or caregivers to deal with anger. The authors outline the different reasons children may feel angry so that their emotions can be fully understood, and offer strategies to combat negative feelings and minimize outbursts. These include putting in place behavioural boundaries and helping a child to feel secure. Simple activities and exercises are also given to help children and adults to express their anger positively. In addition, a selection of poems and stories will help adults to pass on the lessons of the book to children.

This practical and accessible book will be of essential use to any professional helper of parents and young children such as early childhood educators, caregivers and social workers, as well as to parents themselves.

You can purchase Little Volcanoes: Helping Young Children and Their Parents to Deal with Anger direct from the publisher.

For more information, here is an interview with author Warwick Pudney.