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Big Buddy Big Buddies work mentoring boys prevents abusive men in the future.

NZ Peace Foundation The NZ Peace Foundation has championed programmes such as Cool Schools, Roots of Empathy, Schools Outreach, Healthy Families, Media Peace Awards, Peace Week, Peace Cities and Nuclear Disarmament for many years in NZ.

Roots of Empathy programme Puna Atawhai Roots of Empathy (ROE) is an award winning programme that has shown dramatic effects in reducing levels of aggression and violence among school children while raising social/emotional competence and increasing empathy. It also provides these children with a clear understanding of the needs of a baby and what it is to be a good parent, thus offering the potential to break intergenerational cycles of family abuse.

Conflict Partnership Service Trained facilitators offer their skills to work through the problems of anyone needing help. They can help fights at school, student/teacher conflict, relationship problems, suspensions and other school hassles. Conflict Partnership Training is available.

No Bully - NZ Police

Phone toll free 0800 NO BULLY (0800 66 28 55) There are many services available in your community that can help you deal with a bullying problem. Here is a list of community support agencies, and a list of programmes and resources for teachers, parents and caregivers.

The Restorative Justice Trust Restorative Justice is a way of responding to the offence and its effects that makes the people affected by the crime the key focus. Restorative Justice creatively addresses the trauma of crime by recognising that victims have many needs which are not met in the current system. While victim pain is a primary concern of restorative justice, victim and offender restoration is a priority. Offenders are made accountable at face-to-face meetings with the victim. Support people are invited who assist the parties in achieving reconciliation.

Mensline Monday to Friday 6:30pm to 10:30pm Call (09) 522 2500 from within Auckland or 0800 MENSLINE (0800 636 754) from outside Auckland

AUT Violence and Trauma training

Training to prevent and intervene in violence or abuse or traumatic incidents. The Diploma in Violence and Trauma can be studied as a one-year full-time or two years part-time programme. Its aim is to provide vocational training in violence, abuse and trauma for those working in people-helping settings, in particular the health and justice sector and with community agencies which offer crisis intervention. The programme enables students to develop an understanding of theory and practice in this field as well as gain the skills and attitudes necessary to enhance work practice.

Alternatives to Violence Project AVP was brought to NZ by the Quakers (Religious Society of Friends) to help young people learn a better way of living so they did not end up behind prison bars, and to encourage all people to look within themselves for answers regarding violence in society. AVP local committees run AVP workshops in prisons and communities often mixing a wide range of people. HIPP (Help Increase the Peace Project) began in schools in 1996 in Auckland, Waikato, Taumarunui and Wellington regions and continues to be a developing area for workshops.

Workshops are held for groups of individuals and/or whanau/family, for partners to participate together or singly and can be focused on specific issues or cater for specific groups of people, including agency services.

Prison Fellowship Prison Fellowship New Zealand is a volunteer-based Christian ministry with a vision to be a national movement of reconciliation and restoration within the Criminal Justice System.

PARS - Prisoners' Aid and Rehabilitation Society NZ PARS is a community organisation which works for a safer society by providing support to offenders and their family/whanau. PARS services are provided to offenders and their family/whanau, pre-sentence, during-sentence and after-sentence. These include:

Women's Refuge Services include:

Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust The MSS Trust is a contact point for men who have been sexually abused or fearful that they may have been abused. The trust assists men to access ACC counselling and to enter individual or group support programmes.

The Next Step Programme services:


(03) 3776747

Auckland Support group

09 8371809 or 021 356400 (David)

Sexual Abuse Centre Christchurch The Sexual Abuse Centre provides support, counselling and information to survivors of sexual abuse and rape, their families and friends & allied professionals through a variety of differing services:

Counselling Line:
03 364 7324
Office Line:
03 365 3626
03 365 3626
Postal Address:
P O Box 4593

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Little Volcanoes: Helping Young Children and Their Parents to Deal with Anger

book by Warwick Pudney and Éliane Whitehouse.

cover of Little Volcanoes: Helping Young Children and Their Parents to Deal with Anger

Young children can erupt like little volcanoes when they are feeling angry. It can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with, and can produce angry feelings in the parent or caregiver too.

This book is packed with advice and strategies for those working with children under five on how to understand and manage anger in children, and also how to help their parents or caregivers to deal with anger. The authors outline the different reasons children may feel angry so that their emotions can be fully understood, and offer strategies to combat negative feelings and minimize outbursts. These include putting in place behavioural boundaries and helping a child to feel secure. Simple activities and exercises are also given to help children and adults to express their anger positively. In addition, a selection of poems and stories will help adults to pass on the lessons of the book to children.

This practical and accessible book will be of essential use to any professional helper of parents and young children such as early childhood educators, caregivers and social workers, as well as to parents themselves.

You can purchase Little Volcanoes: Helping Young Children and Their Parents to Deal with Anger direct from the publisher.

For more information, here is an interview with author Warwick Pudney.